The machine is powered by GOLDEN MEAN Sharpmaster - professional equipment for sharpening skates. With it you can sharpen skates sharpening radius and V. Ease of operation, reliability and simplicity of the machine make it an indispensable tool for every master sharpening skates.


  •     Power consumption 450W
  •     The rotational speed of 2950 rev / min
  •     Voltage 220 V
  •     Type of working tool abrasive disc
  •     The size of the abrasive disk 150x6x38 mm
  •     A method of straightening diamond pencils, diamond clip
  •     Dimensions mm 350x300x350
  •     Weight 19 kg
  •     Cord length 1.8m

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Machine Golden Mean

  • Brand: Sharpmaster
  • Product Code: SM-GM
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